ESTO was founded by Michael Ellyett. Michael's academic background is in architecture and computer science. For well over a decade he worked for vendor that promoted a wide range of technologies: systems (computers, workstations), software infrastructures (databases, middleware), applications (accounting, plant maintenance, patient management etc.) and specialised systems (GIS, CAD, animation etc.).

For almost 15 years he worked for boutique systems integration business that he founded. During this time he focused on the strategy and architectures platforms necessary to allow transformation and optimisation projects to be successful and the methods necessary for delivering projects (project management, design management, development management etc.). For most of the last decade he has focused on mentoring strategy and architecture initiatives. In December 2008 Michael formed ESTO.

He has a track record in:

  • Strategy and architecture work supporting transformation, optimisation and governance projects. In public and private sector organisations and with federated organisations and sectors
  • The design and implementation of methods and support systems for: project management, software development, systems integration, strategy and architecture, integration architectures
  • Governance from many perspectives: procedures and processes, policies and rules, products and services, information and knowledge, etc.
  • Conceiving of and establishing successful businesses

He has worked with a range of organisations including: government (federal, state and local); health; telecommunications (fixed, mobile and e-commerce); insurance, finance, etc. He has lived and worked in Auckland, Wellington, Vancouver, and Sydney and was travelled for work in Asia, Europe, North America.