Enterprise Strategic Transformation and Optimisation (ESTO) focuses on supporting organisations wishing to improve the effectiveness of initiatives that aim to:

  • Transform the enterprise e.g. new products, new markets, new channels, new technologies, etc.
  • Optimise the enterprise e.g. reduce cost, reduce risk, reduce time to change, etc.
  • Govern the enterprise e.g. alignment or compliance with strategies, regulatory compliance, etc.
ESTO believes that effective action should be underpinned by knowledge and understanding, and that better ways of dealing with complexity are required in todays large enterprises. This includes the way that knowledge is managed and used, and specifically associated with:
  • Strategy of the enterprise
  • Architecture of the enterprise
  • An enterprises enabling people, processes and technologies
ESTO specialises in the effectively implementation and operationalization of Troux based on over a decade of working with the Troux technologies. Areas ESTO has implemented with Troux include:
- Demand Management and Requirements Management
- Portfolio Planning and Releasing Planning
- Solution Delivery Management
- Business Continuity Planning
- Industry Reference Models
- Business Visioning